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Shetland – Day Two

Shetland is a series of micro climates from north to south. One minute you can be sheltering from the pouring rain and over into the next valley the clouds roll away and the beauty of the landscape is revealed. Sitting in the cafe at Braewick looking out at the gloomy grey sea and sky there is always the though in your mind that a warm hotel room is an attractive proposition. Before you can finish a delightful coffee the mood of the weather has changed with shafts of sunlight break through revealing “The Drongs” a series of stack thrusting out of the sea.


A Week on Shetland – Day One

Leaving the overnight ferry from Aberdeen, not the most restful of crossings, the town of Lerwick in pouring rain was pretty dismal. As the capital of Shetland disappeared in the rear view mirror so did the bad weather and the light became more tolerable for photo opportunities. Today’s picture is the view from South Head of Caldersgeo looking north over Moo stack and Drid Geo with the waves beating constantly against the headland creating these white water patterns in the sea



WordPress is deceptively simple to use if you know how to use it. Unfortunately like a lot of programmes you can trip up by creating conflicts within the software so I have taken some time out to lean how to avoid the pitfalls. I think I am there now and decided to re-vamp the web site as it seemed easier than trying to sort out all the problems.

The first gallery I have created is from a visit to Norway last February. The landscape is fantastic and I was fortunate enough to have good weather from start to finish and topping it all was stunning displays of the northern lights. Four night and each night they were better than the previous. Dancing across the sky, changing almost second by second I could not help but get beautiful patterns. This was just one of the many.